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Oostende, Belgium

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I don't remember ever having been more ready for anything in my life.
My feet itch, my mind itches, my heart itches. I need to go, I need to fly out, see the world! Live every day as a new day, breathe every breath as a new breath, feel every moment.
It's time to intensely live again, really live, every moment. No numbness, no automatic control, time to wake up and be.

In a little over a week I'll be flying to New York, step 1. I'll guide a trip, show the city I love. The city you don't visit, but actually are for a while. Blend into it. Walking in its streets, being part of its veins, its pulse, its soul. I've missed New York City, once you felt it and were part of it even for just a fraction of time, impossible to ever really let go again.

This blog is both meant for me as a way to remember my thoughts and adventures, and for my dear friends I'll take with me in my heart. There's no such thing as distance.

I have no set plan. Only dreams. There's only now.
But I can't wait for April 5th.

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